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O’Leary Paving and Landscaping own expertise in Landscaping Design in Dublin and has been constructing gardens for a long time now. Our trained staff engages in every project with passion because this service brings them closer to nature. Our landscaping service brings your landscaping design to life with creative designs and superior plant selection.

Our Recent Works On Landscaping

We have worked for a wide range of projects on landscaping. We invite you to take a glance at our recent work profiles. These projects were quite challenging yet we made a point that we complete the projects sincerely and make our customers happy.

Turf is grass and the roots that are attached within the soil. It can be wrapped and installed elsewhere such as lawns, golf courses, etc. Turf installation landscaping involves installing these layers of turf on the original surface in lawns, garden sidewalks, and patios. Turf also helps in improving the air and water quality, and also reduces the heat. Furthermore, it allows water to permeate the soil and thus, prevents soil erosion as well.

An ideal water landscape must be attractive, more attuned to nature and one that can be maintained without much effort. It increases the naturalistic and aesthetic appeal of your garden and patios. It is mainly installed with the primary intention of beautifying your patios and gardens. An ideal water landscape must be able to render the homeowner with a sense of peace and mindfulness.

You can use rocks to frame your landscape, to construct the patio landscape, use as plant bed, to construct stonewalls that equip your household with various kinds of boundaries, use as stairs, use to adorn water landscapes, Garden Design Dublin and to construct pathways. Rock landscaping adds to the beauty of your garden and other outdoor spaces where you would often retreat to nature. The best thing about rock landscaping is that it comes with low maintenance.

Different plants have different types of maintenance instructions and requirements, thus, the person willing to go forward with a new plantation needs to select plants that can complement your lifestyle. O’ Leary Paving and Landscaping has years of experience in Landscaping design in Dublin, constructing and caretaking the plantation. Our new plantation landscaping services have an excellent reputation and we have become one of Ireland’s premier landscaping companies.

Contractor In Dublin

Our experienced landscaping contractors will offer you premium quality landscaping design services at reasonable prices. We provide a wide range of Garden Design Dublin and we are good at customizing the design according to your needs. Our landscaping design service will ensure that we draw up the garden designs to enhance the appearance and improve the functionality and presentation of your garden.
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